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7 Most Stoic Characters In Video Games

7 Most Stoic Characters In Video Games

These well-known characters from video games are great at keeping a straight face.

Do you have favorite characters in a video game, someone you can relate to or just like playing as? When you care about the main characters, the experience is more fun and memorable. But there are some characters in games who show little or no emotion, but still manage to keep our attention.

We all love the air of mystery that stoic characters give off. It’s a big part of what makes them interesting, and it makes you want to know more about their story and what’s behind their tough exterior. In light of this, we’ve put together a list of the most well-known stoic video game characters.

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Claude – Grand Theft Auto 3

Claude is the kind of person who lets what he does speak for itself. He never speaks during the whole game. Instead, he shows up, does the job, and that’s the end of the story. In an open world full of criminal groups, it’s best to keep your feelings and thoughts to yourself.

Because of this, not much known about Claude’s background or personality, which gives him an image of being quiet and mysterious. But, from playing Grand Theft Auto 3, we know for sure that he is a reliable gun for hire.

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Ryu Hayabusa – Ninja Gaiden

Ninjas have always been known for being cool and calm, and Ryu Hayabusa is no different. He was born into the famous Hayabusa clan of ninja, and he trained all his life to follow in their footsteps. As a ninja, Ryu had to hide his feelings and train hard to become the best warrior. Even though he doesn’t talk much, when he does, he makes sure you remember it.

Ryu can’t be stopped from protecting his loved ones and saving the world from evil forces that want to take over. He does this by using his expert ninja skills and the very powerful dragon sword he uses. Do not underestimate him.

Kazuma Kiryu – Yakuza

Kazuma Kiryu, also known as the Dragon of Dojima, has had a hard life since he was a child. He joined the Yakuza and was later wrongfully jailed for killing his former boss. Even though Kiryu is a criminal, he is still a kind and friendly person who only uses violence when it is necessary.

Even though he seems quiet and shy, he’s not someone you want to mess with. His fighting skills unmatched, which makes him one of the most feared people in the underworld. Even though he known for being tough, he does feel sad when something bad happens to someone he cares about. Getting across the point that even gangsters can have feelings.

Geralt – The Witcher

There have been a lot of arguments about whether or not Geralt has feelings. People think that witchers like Geralt are emotionless killers who only care about making money because of how calm, cold, and cynical he is. But in reality, Geralt is good at keeping his emotions in check because his genes were changed to make him that way. This makes his job as a monster hunter a lot easier.

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People often treat him badly because he is a witcher, but they also fear him because he has superpowers that let him fight monsters ten times his size. On the other hand, Geralt seems tough and heartless, but he does have a soft spot, especially for Ciri, his adopted daughter, which he sometimes shows while trying to save her in Slope Game. This only shows that Geralt does have feelings, but he chooses when to show them.

Solid Snake – Metal Gear

Solid Snake has not only left his mark on the Metal Gear series, but also on the history of video games as a whole. He made when the government tried to clone the best soldier who had ever lived. They changed his DNA so that he would be smart and skilled in battle. Doesn’t that sound pretty cool? Well, sort of.

Since Solid Snake raised and used as a war machine for most of his life, he became known as the cold, heartless snake. So, you can’t really say that you blame the guy. Just think about how your view of life change if you found out you were a genetic clone made only to be a weapon. Even though Solid Snake had to deal with lies, betrayals, and other bad things, his military exploits to save the world made him the legendary soldier he is today.

Cloud Strife – Final Fantasy

Cloud Strife, the socially awkward main character of Final Fantasy 7, become a fan favorite thanks to his great looks, perfectly spiked hair, and oddly appealing cold personality. But he really care about his friends. Not to mention the huge sword he uses, which makes him look like the best mercenary ever.

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Even though Cloud sounds like the perfect fantasy hero, his backstory is one of the saddest. He watched his hometown burn to the ground, betrayed by the person he looked up to the most, and lost several loved ones along the way. This gave him a lot of stress, which changed the way he remembered things. Cloud is a lonely boy attempting to find himself behind his calm demeanor.

Gordon Freeman – Half-Life

Gordon Freeman is the main character of the popular first-person shooter game Half-Life. When we say “silent,” we mean it in the most literal way. You’ll never hear him talk, so you can figure out who Gordon is based on what you do. His calmness will make you wonder if he agrees with what you do or if he doesn’t. It’s all up to what you can think of. One thing you can’t change about him, though, that he known for being late to work.

The scientist who turned into an alien killer goes on an adventure to find a way to close the rift between Earth and Xen, a super planet full of dangerous creatures, so that balance can be restored. Let’s just hope that Gordon’s famous orange armor and crowbar are strong enough to stop the aliens.

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