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Annaprasana Pooja Vidhanam In Telugu Cost, Vidhi, And Benefits?

Annaprasana Pooja Vidhanam In Telugu Cost, Vidhi, And Benefits?

One Hindu practice known as Annaprasana Pooja Vidhanam, which combines the Sanskrit terms Anna and Prasana, is spoken in Telugu. In Telugu, the ritual known as Annaprasana Pooja Vidhanam refers to the infant’s first feeding of rice or eating. These days you can book a pandit online through various web portals.

Key Insights Of Annaprasana Pooja Vidhanam In Telugu

  • To make the newborn robust and healthy, this Annaprasana Pooja Vidhanam is performed in Telugu.
  • When a boy is six, eight, ten, or twelve months old is the appropriate time to undertake this ceremony.
  • The best months to perform for infant females are the fifth, seventh, ninth, and eleventh months.
  • The essential component for this Puja in the state of south India is payasam, also known as milk rice or Annaprasana Pooja Vidhanam in Telugu.
  • Kheer or Payasam is the principal gifts presented to infants during this rite.

What Is Annaprasana Pooja Vidhanam?

A ritual known as “Grain Initiation or Rice Feeding,” also known as “Grain Initiation or Pooja Vidhanam” in Telugu, is performed when a child is ready to transition from liquid to solid food. Usually, the youngster is only given a small amount of rice or sweet payasam to consume. This pooja is performed to give thanks to the Lord for providing the parents with a healthy child who is able to eat solid food.

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Annaprasana pooja vidhanam is finished when your baby is ready to transition from a liquid to a solid diet. It can be done at any point between the infant’s sixth month and first birthday.

When To Perform Annaprasana Pooja Vidhanam?

A boy child’s Annaprasana Pooja Vidhanam is arranged during the sixth or eighth month after birth. This rite is performed either in the fifth or seventh month for a female kid. With the help of a specialist, a date that is suitable for the child’s janma nakshatra on a favorable auspicious tithi and yoga can be chosen.


Given that it provides us with energy and fuels our bodies, food plays a crucial role in our daily lives. Humans have devoted our whole existence to enhancing our capacity for self-feeding since the beginning of time. This celebration emphasizes the importance of food and the beginning of one’s consumption of it.

A newborn is stated to start feeding normally on the day that half of the achievement is said to be accomplished. This ceremony should be performed in a sacred space with all the required Annaprashan Vidhis since it is one of the most important components of your baby’s care.

Any flaws that may have occurred will allegedly be fixed by executing this rice feeding ceremony. This won’t happen, though, unless the proper Vedic method is carried out. The baby has been drinking milk, but this rite is important since it is his first time tasting solid food.

Religious Significance

The Annaprasana Ceremony is carried out to ensure that a child will live a long and wealthy life. The first rice meal a kid receives is described in the Telugu meaning of this ceremony, Annaprasana Pooja Vidhanam.

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When the boy or girl is between the ages of five and eight months old, this Annaprasana Pooja Vidhanam in Telugu is finished because, at that age, the infant has the strength to digest solid food or rice.

However, in some cases, if the kid is extremely frail, this rite could be delayed until the next time it is planned. The Annaprasana Pooja Vidhanam in Telugu is often performed in odd months for newborn girls and in even months for baby boys. The newborns were given the opportunity to pick from a variety of items throughout the ceremony based on what they could be interested in in the region in the future.

Where Can I Perform Annaprasana Pooja Vidhanam?

Telugu speakers typically undertake the Hindu ritual Annaprasana Pooja Vidhanam at home or in a temple. However, some parents may rather carry out the procedure at a community center or banquet hall. Many Telugu parents like carrying out the procedure in the temple of their well-known deity.

In addition, many households in eastern or central India carry out Annaprasana Pooja Vidhanam at home in Telugu. You can get assistance with Hindu religious practices from a skilled pandit if you wish to conduct the ritual in your house.


As the first stage of this procedure, the pandit ji shall do the Ganesh pooja in accordance with the Annaprasana Pooja Vidhanam. The mandapa Aradhana will then be conducted by worshipping Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshwara, Ashtadkpalakas, and Navagraha. Give the deity the naivedya.

To keep the infant on the mother’s lap, the parents of the child must sit with their backs to the east. The newborn’s father feeds him three times while speaking these words:

  • Ayushman Deerga Bhava
  • Ayushman Shata Bhava
  • Vardhaswa


  • The purpose of this practice, known in Telugu as Annaprasana pooja vidhanam, is to safeguard and lengthen the life of the kid.
  • It is said that conducting this ceremony on newborns sanctified them and cleaned them of any unpleasant items they may have consumed while still in the womb.
  • It is said that protect the infant by completing the Telugu ritual of Annaprasana Pooja Vidhanam.
  • It is useful to understand the child’s future interests with regard to his career.
  • God bestows and showers prosperity through this rite.
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The price for Annaprasana pooja vidhanam is extremely consistently and affordably provided by 99Pandit. The price range for an annaprasana pooja vidhanam in Telugu is between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 30,000. A puja item list, pandit Dakshina, food, and lodging were all included in this price package.

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