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History Of  Washi Tape

History Of  Washi Tape

Washi Tape, In 2006 a Japanese firm received an email from a small group of women. This group had used this industrial masking tape to develop and design their book. The email stated that the women would like to visit their unit before they used these tapes in their next book.

Initially, the owner ignored the email but later received a package from the group. This package contained vibrant and beautifully designed pages in masking tape. This amazed the owner, and he allowed the ladies to visit their unit. He was surprised to see the art was created by females.

Therapeutic Effect Of Custom Washi Tapes

Designing and creating washi tape art is quite therapeutic for a lot of people. It helps release stress and sparks creativity. As a beginner, you can use these tapes to decorate your journal, planner, books, notebooks, sketchbooks, etc.

There are several Custom washi tape uses, and crafters can learn how to use them for different designs and also at home. You can surf online for ideas and use them in your own unique way.

Different types of Custom washi tapes will bring you new and impeccable crafting ideas. Initially, you might just cut these tapes in a simple way. With time, you will learn to cut them differently. This helps you to clear your mind and acquire a different perspective.

Wooden pins can add a touch of natural beauty to any outfit or home decor. Their organic look and feel are what make them so appealing to many people. The following are a few ways that Wooden pins can be made to look even more beautiful:

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Wooden pins can be carved with intricate designs that enhance their natural beauty. This could include anything from simple patterns to detailed images. Carving adds a unique touch to the wooden pin, making it one-of-a-kind.

Staining or Painting: 

Wooden pins can also be stained or painted, allowing for even more customization. A natural stain can bring out the unique grain and texture of the wood, while painting can add a pop of color.


Wood burning is a traditional technique that adds depth and character to wooden pins. This technique involves using a hot tool to burn designs into the wood, creating a beautiful and unique piece.

Combining Different Types of Wood: 

Wooden pins can also be made by combining different types of wood. This can add visual interest and contrast to the pin, making it even more beautiful.

Natural Finish: 

Some wooden pins are left with a natural finish, showcasing the natural beauty of the wood. This type of finish is especially popular for those who prefer a minimalist and organic look.

Wooden pins can be made even more beautiful through carving, staining or painting, burning, combining different types of wood, or simply being left with a natural finish. Their unique texture and natural beauty make them a popular choice for those who want to add a touch of nature to their outfit or home decor.

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