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How to Choose the Best Blood Cancer Hospital in Delhi

How to Choose the Best Blood Cancer Hospital in Delhi

Blood cancer affects the blood cells that are vital components of life. These cells provide us with energy, contribute in the fight against infection, and prevent excessive bleeding. Blood comprises multiple cell types; cancer or uncontrolled growth of cells may occur in any variant among white blood cells, the lymphatic system and lymphocytes.

Fortunately, there are a variety of efficient and secure treatments for blood cancer. Blood tests, imaging techniques and other diagnostic procedures help recognise the types of blood cancer, which is then followed by treatment. The treatments include immunotherapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and a bone marrow transplant.

Cancer treatment requires money, time and emotional strength. At Max, we strive to ease these burdens and provide the best treatment available, from compassionate care teams, at competitive prices.

Here are a few points to keep in mind while choosing the best hospital in Delhi for blood cancer treatment – 


Before choosing a hospital,  look up blood cancer and the best available doctors for potential treatment options online. Getting clarity through verified reviews will help shortlist hospitals based on expertise and requirements: saving time, money and energy. While selecting the hospital, go through the facilities offered, the cancer care team, the experience and success rate of specialists and the  concerned board of specialists who will approve the method and combination of treatment best suited for the patient.


Therapy by way of chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiation therapy aim to combat cancer in its initial stages. However, the only possible permanent cure available for blood cancer is a bone marrow transplant. All these treatment options require advanced technical equipment, world-class healthcare services, and expertise.

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Ensure you are getting all of this at the hospital you’re thinking of settling for. BLK-Max is among the best hospitals in Delhi with some of the best oncologists and practitioners such as Dr Dinesh Bhurani, Dr Pawan Kumar Singh, along with many other specialists, who have hands-on expertise in Bone Marrow Transplantation and other cancer treatments.


Cancer treatment may require multiple specialists and oncologists from different fields and expertise for efficient treatments and better suggestions. This is why getting treated at a multifunctionality hospital is always a good idea. Max offers numerous cancer treatments and surgeries with and without robotics, depending on the requirement. The multidisciplinary approach with experts from various fields is possible at BLK-Max and Nanavati-Max Hospitals. With a dedicated tumour board that convenes from time to time for discussing individual cancer cases and settling on the approach to treatment most suited for them, it becomes convenient. Expert opinions from different specialisations can help rule out all potential complications that may arise from a particular approach.

Success rate

Multifunctionality comes from having the best facilities, and goes hand in hand with higher success rates. Specialists who have treated more cases will naturally gain more confidence from patients  and boost their morale during  difficult times and comfort  concerned loved ones.

Clinical trials

This refers to testing newly developed drugs or treatment approaches ready to be tested on humans after efficient results. In multiple cases, clinical trials can compensate for the absence of an effective treatment or be used in association with current treatment methods. Hospitals that conduct their own research will most probably have newer treatments to offer. 

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Insurance coverage

Your medical insurance must cover the hospital you’re leaning towards. You may talk to the insurance agent or company about the same. Max Hospitals have collaborated with various insurance companies to provide a hassle-free service to patients and their families. Max itself offers multiple insurance plans covering medical expenses. However, they need to be reviewed and planned a little in advance.


Choosing  a hospital is always easier when recommended by someone you trust.  Talking to friends, family, and medical centres plays a significant role in making such major decisions. However, the primary consideration should always be the doctors, as they know the conditions better than anyone else and the appropriate  treatment required. Make sure to consider the reputation and background of the doctor before choosing.


Having an accreditation leads to increased credibility. Max Hospital at Saket fulfils the criteria and proudly boasts of its clinical protocols, patient care facilities, and services. Apart from this, Max Healthcare has received accreditation from National Accreditation Board for Hospital & Healthcare Providers (NABH) and National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL).


News about cancer is heartbreaking and demotivating for every patient and their close relatives. The stage of cancer is the deciding factor when it comes to the success of the treatment. However, a team of experts with high success rates and experience can collaborate and provide the most suited and best treatment approach that is specifically designed for the patient.

BLK-Max and Nanavati-Max have numerous specialised surgeons, oncologists, Bone Marrow Transplantation experts and specialists in different fields who will work together and suggest the best for their patients and offer them much better outcomes.

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