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Things to Consider When Snow Removal from the Pool Cover

Things to Consider When Snow Removal from the Pool Cover

Once you’ve invested in your backyard Garden, it’s essential to look after it all year round. One best way to do this is to consider snow removal from your pool cover in winter.

What to do About Ice and Snow on the Pool Cover?

If you have an above or under-ground swimming pool, you may be surprised to learn that your primary concern is to prevent snow from damaging the pool cover. The weight of the snow is also a problem. This can cause the hull to give way in the middle and cause more pressure. The pressure from ejection can cause the roof to press against the pool wall and damage the top rail and fence.

In the worst case, the pool may collapse on its own. This is an extreme situation, but it can be avoided.

How Heavy is the Snow?

The weight of the snow depends on the type of snow. It’s time to do the math.

Think about it, skip the arithmetic and use an online snow weight calculator.

Let’s assume you have a well-known 9 x 6-feet rectangular pool, and you leave 3 feet of fresh, light snow on the surface. The weight of this snow is about 300 kilograms.

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Then the temperature rises slightly, the snow begins to melt, and there is 1 foot of old, wet, and slippery snow on top of the pool. The snow now weighs 900 kilograms.

For a 9 feet diameter above-ground pool, 1 foot of snow weighs 1-2 tons.

Putting that much weight on something that wasn’t designed to support it can cause damage.

And the type of damage depends on the type of pool.

Types of Snow

Light and Soft Snow

This is the most common type of snow in winter. It is light and fluffy, and it curls up and shrinks when you step on it. This is the postcard snow everyone wants to see for Christmas.

Wet Snow

Wet snow is much heavier than regular soft snow. Wet snow weighs 3-6 kg more per inch than normal soft snow. The same applies to frozen snow layers.

Snow Can Damage the Pool

As the snow melts, it turns to ice, which can cause cracks and holes in the sharp edges of the fence. Large amounts of snow on the fence can cause the material to stretch and tear.

If the enclosure cracks, a domino effect can occur, which can negatively affect the pool. Heavy snowfall can also tear the pool cover or frame.

Why Remove Snow from the Top of an Above-Ground Pool?

The walls and fences of above-ground pools are solid. They need to store hundreds of liters of pool water. But that’s all. They are designed for a certain volume and weight of water.

If snow accumulates on the pool cover, it will slowly pile up and load the deck itself. Because the cover is attached to the pool wall, the weight also puts pressure on the top rail and walls, pulling them into the pool. That’s different from what they were designed for.

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If this takes too long and becomes too heavy, the walls can collapse, and a large clump will form that will need to be cleaned out in the spring, and the pool replaced. So, make sure you use a pool mat and winter blanket to protect your pool further.

Why Remove Snow from an Underground Pool?

There is no risk of the pool collapsing under the weight of too much snow on the roof. However, the cover may expand under the weight so that it no longer covers your swimming pool as it should.

High-quality covers for an underground pool can be expensive. Save money and ensure that snow is removed from the roof in winter.

A pool cover can cost even more. If you have a more expensive protective pool cover, it’s even more important to ensure its snow proof and won’t stretch or crack. Weight can damage the cover’s fasteners or even the pool’s edge.

For owners of inground pools, the problem is somewhat different. Heavy snowfall can stretch and damage the fence, but usually, there is no need to worry until it is 3 feet or more of snow accumulates on it.

However, cheap plastic covers can be damaged more easily and quickly than expensive mesh or solid covers. But even the most expensive covers can be damaged by heavy snowfall, loosening the cover fastenings, breaking the cover, etc.

Is the Automatic Pool Cover Snow Proof?

Automatic pool covers to prevent children and pets from entering the pool when no one is around. However, they could be more useful in winter. We recommend that you remove the automatic pool cover during the winter months and use a cover specifically designed for winter use.

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What Should I Do if I have Problems Clearing Snow?

It can be difficult to remove if a lot of snow has accumulated on top of your swimming pool, even with a long-handled broom.

If you can’t reach and remove all the snow, get a professional snow removal expert to clear the snow. If your swimming pool needs snow removal, ask if they can take care of your pool. They may have different rates for this work, but it always helps to ask.

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