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Tips: How to find the right shade of blush

Have you ever bought a new blush and found that it doesn’t quite fit? It probably doesn’t match your natural palette. We help you find the right one!

How to find the right shade of blush

When choosing the color of your foundation, you must have felt that it is a complete science. It’s HARD to find the home right away, but once you succeed, the destination will have been worth the journey. The same goes for when you’re looking for a new blush. The most important thing is to find a shade that matches your natural colors. The only question is: How to find the right shade of blush?

In this article, everything about undertones and how to choose your seint makeup according to them is covered!

  • Undertones do not mean the depth of your skin and how melanin-rich your skin is, but the tone that is visible under the skin, says Jenny and adds:
  • You can have cold, warm, or neutral undertones.

How do I know which undertones I have?

Take a quick look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If they gravitate towards green, you have a warm undertone. If they look blue-purple, you have a cold undertone. If it is difficult to determine, the undertone is neutral. This means that you have a mixture of warm and cold pigments on your skin.

Find the right blush

The undertones of your skin determine whether warm or cool colors suit you best. If you choose warm products when you should use cold ones, the product will not look like your skin, and vice versa. You can also see seint makeup tutorials to match the right color. Here are five quick tips on how to find the right blush based on your skin tone:

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1.      Cool undertone

Cool undertones are most common in those with light skin, but even you with melanin-rich skin can have cool pigments in your skin. Many blushes can turn yellow, orange, or excessively bright red on you. Opt for cool pink tones.

2.      Warm undertone

Warm undertones are more common the darker your complexion, but anyone can have warm undertones. If you have warm undertones, you will suit very well in blushes that gravitate towards yellow, orange, and apricot. If you choose a blush that is too pink, it will look gray on you.

3.      The darker and deeper your skin tone

The darker and deeper your skin tone, the more pigmented products you should choose. Dare to bet on really colorful products! Light shades disappear easily on your skin. Moisten the brush or makeup sponge before you rub it into the blush, so you get more products!

4.      Light skin

If you have very light skin, you should instead be careful with the pigments. Choose bright colors. For you, it is extra important to seint makeup color match to your undertones, because mismatched shades will be clearly visible on your skin.

5.      Neutral undertone

If you have neutral undertones, there is a high probability that you will suit most shades – lucky you! What may be good to know is that your skin can often shift between warm and cold depending on the season and how exposed to the sun you are. Choose products that are hot in the summer, and switch to cold products when autumn is coming to an end!

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