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Starbucks Under The Sea Refresher

Starbucks Under The Sea Refresher

If TikTok is helpful for anything, it’s for showing us all the foods and beverages we wish we could have. There is practically nothing that the app can’t make, from fantastic meals to some of the best cocktails. But regrettably, just because something appears wild online doesn’t necessarily mean it is. Knowing what a viral hoax is will save you from embarrassing yourself in front of others.

One of the most popular viral drinks reportedly goes by the name “under the sea refresher starbucks” and is sold at Starbucks. It has a lot of those little Ariel vibes. There have been far too many alleged secret menus at the coffee behemoth for us to take this at face value, and as a result, faith has been betrayed. Is this beverage even natural, or is this just another cruel joke? To learn more, thoroughly read our blog article.

Starbucks Under The Sea Refresher: What is it?

A beverage known as the under the sea refresher starbucks has been making the rounds. Inside is coloured candy, and it is a vivid blue color.

You can see the “Under the Sea Refresher” on TikTok, designed to resemble a blue iced beverage with vibrant gummy worms. Even though it seems alluring, especially in the summer, it is regrettably not a natural drink you can get at Starbucks. Sometimes a Starbucks Secret Menu Drink goes popular, leaving us puzzled about how it was created.

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It appears that user @hannahgalligan24, who released the video just following Christmas in 2021, started the whole affair as a prank.

Starbucks Under The Sea Refresher: Is It Real?

Regrettably, no. Starbucks does not sell the popular under the sea refresher starbucks. For this reason, Starbucks does not add candy worms to its beverages. After the cocktail gained popularity, its author disabled comments because customers at Starbucks were outraged (and reasonably so) when they tried to order it. As a reminder, there are no additives in Starbucks U.S. products right now that can make you turn blue. We’ve been waiting for something, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Starbucks Official Statement

A Starbucks official told Newsweek that the drink does not exist, and what is depicted in the videos is not condoned. “There is no Starbucks menu item or customization option for this beverage. We are unaware of instances when a customer was purposefully or accidentally served one of these drinks. Our strict food safety policies are in place, and using a chemical in a beverage is against these requirements.”

How to make “Under the Sea Refresher”?

We can only speculate as to how perplexed these Starbucks employees are. They might not even have the ingredients to prepare the “under the sea refresher starbucks” at work, even if they know what you’re talking about. Fortunately, it looks easy enough to make on your own with only a few essential ingredients, and it just takes a few minutes. The steps are as follows.

·   This phony beverage resembles the Glacier Freeze taste of light blue Gatorade.

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·   Pour several gummy worms into the cup to start.

·   The sports drink should then be added on top of the ice-covered surface.

·   Additionally, you can experiment with certain obvious additions like Sprite.

·   If you want a 21+ version, you may make this recipe by substituting Sprite for the Gatorade and then topping it with Blue Curacao.

·   After that, sip from your own Starbucks tumbler to complete the meal.


Additionally, @harrisontjames recorded himself “purchasing” a venti cup of the beverage through a drive-through. It tastes like blue raspberries and is sweet, but he said it wasn’t horrible.

Even Starbucks baristas participated in the campaign, posting videos of themselves drinking the blue beverage and gushing about how “wonderful” it is.

The “under the sea refresher starbucks” doesn’t genuinely exist, as demonstrated by people who tried it. As TikTok users find themselves embarrassed after attempting to order the concoction, the order is a scam, so successful Ashton Kutcher and MTV may have created it.

On January 3, Kristen Beamer, @marleysroselife, and her little daughter, who had seen the drink online, tried unsuccessfully to order it. 

The mother posted a picture of the original TikTok video and the caption, “I should have known by now.”

Beamer went to a Starbucks in a Krogers with her daughter before relaying the unpleasant outcome on her TikTok. “Sound advice came from Polly. We ought to have first read the remarks. “She laughed. They were excellent sports about it, but it was still quite awkward.

Final Words

Customers were encouraged to “run, don’t walk” to their local Starbucks and purchase the “under the sea refresher starbucks” in a popular video Hannah Galligan posted in December.

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The “Under the Sea Refresher” has a vibrant blue tint with gummy worms at the bottom. The video had over 13 million views and 1.1 million likes, indicating that people were eager to try it.

However, the drink is entirely false and not real, and Starbucks claims they are unaware of who created it.

Frequently Asked Question Answers

What’s in Starbucks’ Under the Sea Refresher?

In under the sea refresher starbucks combines some Sprite with blue Gatorade for flavor and color, then add some gummy worms, claims TikTok. Don’t expect to order this popular TikTok drink at your neighborhood Starbucks, whatever you do.

Do Starbucks’ Rainbow refreshes exist?

The Starbucks Rainbow Drink is fake. On purpose! If one thing sends everyone into a frenzy, it’s the disclosure of a brand-new, vibrant secret Starbucks beverage. You could see it with the pink, matcha pink, and purple, pink drinks.

Do they sell boba at Starbucks?

As a coffee store and not a tea house, Starbucks does not sell boba (even though they have partnered with Teavana). Tapioca pearls wouldn’t belong on Starbucks’ menu because the company is most renowned for its specialty coffees, popular iced coffee drinks, and other drinks like iced teas.


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